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About the company

The LM-ZONE company has been upgrading and modernizing special machines for cutting polyurethane foam for more than 10 years. He primarily has experience in the modernization of CNC machines of German production, Albrecht Bäumer and Fecken-Kirfel, also Italian RAM. The machines of the German companies can mechanically last for several decades, however the electronic controls and servo system are not able to keep up with such longevity, and it is necessary to modernize or replace them in a shorter period.

The original software support is a monolithic system that cannot be used after upgrading the electronics and management equipment.

Considering the above, a complete solution is needed for successful modernization and upgrading.

– Software support for the preparation of CAD drawings
– Software support for creating NC codes – interpolation motion
– Software support for CNC machine control, peripheral monitoring, etc.,
– Hardware steering with servo controll for machine movement

About the Abstan program

The company LM ZONE solved the program support through its own program solution ABSTan.
It is available as an evaluation demo with the inability to generate G-codes and save DXF, for testing and analysis by users, i.e. compliance with production conditions. It contains segments of drawing, organization of objects and creation of programming NC code for the appropriate type of machine.

Unlike standard CAD programs, it is exclusively oriented to creating shapes for cutting and multiplying within a given block.

Main features

  •  Active “on fly” drawing path analize (indicates re-rotation of the blade during drawing)
  •  Determining the smoothness of each element individualy
  •  The possibility of determining the starting point of cutting
  •  The possibility of turning the cutting direction
  •  Automatic joining of object ends
  •  Absolute control of the continuity of the cutting path (there is no back lines)
  •  Predefined objects of common cutting contours
  •  Generation of G-codes applicable on any CNC machine
  •  Support DXF v12 import (FK type Bulge with exp.), Bäumer type (Line/Arc)
  • Support DXF ACAD v12 import, also  Rhino3D DXF import
  • Save DXF v12 as polylines
  • Support Import NC file, change, and save back to NC – scale old program to match direfent foam block
  • Support endless type machines 540 and 720 degree head rotation, oscillating, and abrasive wire cutting.
  • Automatic organization of sheet and rectangle (mesh) cutting without drawing
  • Superior drawing area definition, with final nesting
  • Easy combining of several different objects in the same block
  • The operator has abbility himself to determines the free paths between the objects