Below on the link you can download the version of the ABSTan program for evaluation and learning, the program is limited in such a way that it is not possible to save g-codes for execution on the machine, also it is not possible to save DXF programs

Information !

Screen resolution must be 1920 *1080 and up, screen scale 100%

In some browsers, the installer may be falsely detected as containing a trojan virus, in this situation download the program with the Microsoft Edge browser.

In case the download of the installation is not possible, temporarily turn off the antivirus program and reactivate it after the installation.

ABSTan v3.03 – Trial edition

The ABSTan program is developed by LM ZONE, and its purpose is for creating and edit simple shapes, organizing and arranging shapes in a block of PU foam, generating g-codes for executing cuts with special cnc machines. Unlike all conventional programs, the ABSTan program performs contour interpolation, tangential angle calculation, draft analysis, and creation of cnc g-codes immediately during drawing. By loading a dxf v.12 file, the operator determines in which smoothness the drawing will be loaded, if the drawing from Autocad is exported as Bulge/Arc entities. If the design is exported as a “polyline” (usually if draft contain splines, or arcs was scaled), the smoothness is defined during the export and the Abstan program cannot change it. The generated g-codes contain only G1 – Linear interpolation code with the points of the path and the turning angle of the knife.

The operator himself determines the angle to which the interpolation point will be made (all three axes in motion) the rotation of the knife and the movement of the X and Y axes, i.e. when the movement stops, the knife is turned, and the movement continues.

The operator has absolute control over the style and way of movement of the knife through the cut material, he determines from which point and in which direction the cutting will start, individually for each shape. Usually the program itself searches for free paths to move from shape to shape, however, it is also possible for the operator to manually determine it.

The ABSTan program contains a number of common predefined shapes, which simply define a complete mattress, and clone it to the desired quantity in a few minutes.

Drawings created by the ABSTan program can be used on machines of other manufacturers, only if the drawing is exported as DXF, g-code CNC files are applicable only on machines upgraded by LM ZONE, or if the machine is upgraded by someone else which support G-CODE standard RS-274

Mattress sample g-code file

Video tutorials

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